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Yamada Touko's Blog Entry: July 15th, 2013

Suddenly I feel like translating Yamada Touko's blog entry >.< not all of them though, just some part of it XDDD

★Recent Event Around You★

This talk happened one day in the dressing room.
Aizawa-kun, I guess, gave Nina a nickname "MacaronNina".
After that, Nina!

"MacaronNina♪ MacaronNina♪ MacaronNina♪♪"

I wonder why she suddenly sang.. (・o・)

Nina's getting hyper and Shunya who happened to be near Nina was..

"MacaronNina♪ MacaronNina♪ MacaronNina♪♪"

attacked by Macaroni!!

Macaroni VS Shunya!
Glanced while listening to music, he didn't move!
Nina, not being discouraged, she continue to attack Shunya!!!
Nina VS Shunya
and the winner is....


Shunya was like "Mou~ (~_~;)www" (Note: it was like "Oi~", something like that >.<)

This is Touko who feel relieved with the interaction of those two~

and then the winning pose v(^・^)v

It's just cute! Nina is such a random and Shunya can't help it XDD Thanks Touko for bringing this story up ^0^
And this is my first time translating a blog entry, so I'm sorry if there's any mistakes. I'm still learning >.<

source: tv-kun blog