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Yay!! Finally I'm on holiday ^0^ It's been a year I haven't written anything in this LJ :O that's long LOL. Anyway, as usual there are lots of things happened last year and this early year. Too much that I don't know where to start XDDD Well basically it's about fandom thing. If it's personal things, there are maaanny things that happened and no one wants to know about it anyway XDD and this is gonna be long~

First, is my beloved Arashi fandom <33 lately I've been ignoring them *smacked* I mean I'm no longer downloading their TV shows regularly like I used to. Now it all depends on the guests and whether something funny happen in the show or not XDD but I STILL love them <3333 I still listen to their songs though. And I love endless game especially the choreography aaannd Sakumiya's "Wani..wani .." <333 I also watched Kazoku Game and the drama's awesome >.< I think it's one of Sho's best acting besides The Quiz Show ^^ Talking about drama, it seems that there will be a SP for Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de. The main character will be Kazamatsuri *I miss Kazamatsuri* The Nazodi team will also appear in VSA again. I can't wait to see >.<
Oh, have you vote for Arafes 2013?? I don't know what to choose because this time the system point is quite different than the previous. That's why I haven't voted XPP but later, I will. I wish the songs chosen are the old songs that Arashi rarely sings *crossfingers*

Next topic! The truth is...... I'm addicted to Kanjani8 XDDDDD
I guess every time I write an entry I always say that I'm addicted into something else LOL Actually not that I don't know them, I do know them before I know Arashi (from watching Shokura) and I thought that they're very funny. But few months ago I just fell in love with them <33333 I mean their shows are funny, their songs are surprisingly awesome! and they're just being themselves, fooling around >.< I got addicted because of Shiwake's Taiko no Tatsujin. And you can guess that my ichiban is Tacchon XDDD but I also like Ryo, Maru, Yoko, Subaru, Yasu, Murakami Okay that's all of them XDD they're just lovable and I can't choose LOL. but mainly I focus on Tacchon and sometimes Ryo >.<
I watched Tacchon's latest drama "Otenki Onee-san" and I love it. Honestly the story itself isn't really interesting but I just love the interaction between Aoki Gota and Abe Haruko. Both of them are just too sweet >.< The theme song "Hesomagari" is also a catchy song and everytime I listen to it I feel like moving my body XDDD I love Koko ni Shikanai Keshiki too. Yappari band!Kanjani8 is kakkoi ^0^

Next one is about JUMP. Well, they released a new single "Come On A My House" after quite long time so I'm kinda happy. Moreover there's YabuHika part in it <3333 I'm not a big fan of the songs but the couplings are quite good. I haven't heard them full although I've download the single *hides behind YabuHika* blame Kanjani for making me play their songs over and over XPPP but thanks to yabuloveshikaru my interest of YabuHika especially is back *throw confetti* lol. She made a few YabuHika fanvids and I enjoy them a lot. She is such a dedicated fan unlike me who keep going back and forward from fandom to other fandom XPPP I really thank her! Thanks dear :* and sorry I can't reply your comment properly >.< I might miss couple of YabuHika moments these past 3 months and I hope you could share them >.<
Oh! and I'm happy to hear that Kinpachi Sensei 7 will be subbed!!! Yay!! *hugs YabuHika* I've been watching the LQ-subbed one and because I can't get enough of Shu, I download the HQ RAW lol. I'm super happy someone will sub them with much better video quality I hope ^^

The last one finally, I'm sad because now Dai! Tensai Terebi-kun has changed their terebi senshi since last April. It's sad to see Ryoki, Suzuka, Leo and Akari graduate DDDX Although they keep writing on their blog but I miss their silly acts in the show T-T To be honest, I'm not so fond of with this year's terebi senshi (batch 2013) *sigh* The only thing that keeps me watching them is Kaneko Shunya and Hasegawa Nina. They were in the batch 2012 too and now they become the oldest among the other members. I wish they will call out the graduated members into the show again *crossfingers* >.<
Oh, I know it's late but DISH//,  congratulations on the major debut!!! *throw conffeti* I'm so happy that you guys finally debuting :') I wish I could see one of your concert *sigh* Anyway, good luck on pursuing your dream, performing in Budoukan ^^ And Masaki, please don't forget your old friends, terebi senshi >.< I hope you will write and mention more their names in your blog ^^

I think that's all from me~ That was long, really lol. Anyway, have a good day everyone~ ^0^/

PS: I've been addicted to Ameba pigg >< is there anyone here who also play them?