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Hi guys!! Finally I'm back from the long and busy college days. Well, a lot of things happened both RL things and fandom things. But let's save the RL things and let's talk about the fandom things XDD
Lately, I'm loving this children show called 大!天才てれびくん (Dai!Tensai Terebi-kun). Actually this show might not be as interesting as an adult would enjoy. But I found it interesting since I only know a little about Japanese culture --"
So, Tensai Terebi-kun or Tentere for short, is an NHK children show. In this show there're lots of corner which give you different information. Sometimes, each week the corners will be different. There's also anime corner which broadcast an anime called "Chibi Devil"
Moreover, the てれび戦士 (terebi senshi) or the cast, are cuuuteee XDD Gosh, if I start talking about them, I can't stop XDD lol. Especially the boys from the batch 2011 >.< Sadly some of them had "graduated" from Tentere T-T Although some of them stayed but still, I'm gonna miss them T-T
Anyway, here's the members from batch 2011 ^^

First, the boys XDD

Yabe Masaki/矢部昌暉 (Born: 09 January 1998)
He's the oldest among the boys and the other members and one of my favorite XDD Somehow he reminds me of Taiyou from Ya-ya-yah.lol. He really loves idol! Everytime there's an idol came as a guest, he's always fired up. Sometimes the other members tease him and his face will go red XDD sadly, he's not staying in the batch 2012 since he's already a 3rd grader T-T I'm gonna miss him so much. Oh, he's a member of DISH//, a unit from Ebidan ^^ they haven't debuted yet so it's kinda hard to see him though.

Nagae Ryouki/長江崚行 (Born: 26 August 1998)
He's the coolest among the other members. Although he sometimes do silly things but still he loves to keep everything cool.lol. Well, he's good at dancing, singing and karate. He's the only member who's been 3 years in the show with Suzuka. Masaki usually calls him R XDD They're quite close friends (the Trio Ikemen plus Leo XDD) And yeah, he's still staying in the batch 2012. It seems a lot of people like him.lol.

Asaka Leo/浅賀玲音 (Born: 04 November 1998)
Leo is the cutest (I think) XDD he really looks like chibi kanata hongo.lol. When I watch tensai terebi for the first time, Leo is the one who catch my interest. Since he's so adorable >.< his voice is also quite high.lol. This is the first time for Leo to be in the show though. He didn't speak much although later in the show he will talk quite a lot XDD His solo song is good too and once again he looks cuuuteee in the PV~ >.< Ugh, no more words to describe other than cute and adorable for Leo XP

Mukunoki Martin/椋木マルティン (Born: 23 April 2000)
Well, another half-Japanese member XDD He's quite adorable actually. Especially back then in the year of 2010. He's also funny although he didn't talk as much as the others. Well, I don't really know much about Martin since I rarely see him in the show. I have only seen it for about 3 months and then they suddenly changed the members T-T Anyway, he's been in the show for 2 years, same as Masaki, Anna, Akari, and Yui.

Katsu Ryuichi/勝 隆一 (Born: 19 May 2000)
He's been called Onigiri 2 because of his haircut. He's Taichi's bestfriend and at first I thought they look alike (although Taichi wears glasses XDD) This is also the first time for Katsu to be in the show. Well since he didn't talk much and I didn't really pay attention to him, I haven't known what kind of person he is XDD

Shimada Taichi/島田 太一 (Born: 3 February 2001)
He's the youngest among the boys and he's called Onigiri 1. The reason, again, is because of his head and haircut are onigiri-like (this is lol but true XDD) He's really close to Katsu. They even had their own duet!lol. They look like Onigiri Brothers.lol. Well, Taichi is quite slow actually. He doesn't seem energetic and looks sleepy (it reminds me of Oh-chan XDD). This is the first time for Taichi to be in the show, just like Katsu.

And now, the girls ^^

Kijima Anna/木島 杏奈 (Born: 29 January 1998)
At the first time I saw her, "She's beautiful!!" XDD but really. I often surf to her amblo and see her photos that she posted. She really looks beautiful without makeup too *0* I wish I could be like her XDD anyway, she's the oldest among the girls and the second oldest among all. Anna and Masaki indirectly became the mother and the father XDD (oh yeah, I'm a Masaki-Anna shipper.lol) Anna has been 2 years in the show together with Masaki. And yeah sadly, she also didn't stay in the batch 2012 since she's a 3rd grader too T-T I'm so gonna miss her~

Chinzei Suzuka/鎮西 寿々歌 (Born: 24 November 1998)
She's cheerful and a talkative. At first, I couldn't differentiate Anna and Suzuka.lol. They look alike and both of them are pretty XDD She's from Osaka that's why I always hear her speaking Osaka-ben (Osaka dialect) on the dorama corner. She's always full of energy, so it's always fun to see her ^^ Suzuka and Ryouki were in the show since 2009 and until now, they still stay in the show. (I'm also Suzuka-Ryouki shipper XDD) She has a beautiful voice and very expressive ^^

Terada Akari/寺田朱里 (Born: 14 August 1998)
Well, Akari is the tallest among the girls I think. She's originally from Croatia. She's actually a little bit air-headed XDD although she doesn't show it so often but there are times when she's so air-headed XDD Well, she has her own charm.lol. Oh, she can speak French too! (maybe that's because she's from Croatia but I don't know XP) By the way, she's been in the show since 2010 along with Masaki and Anna ^^

Faden Sabia/ファデン 咲美亜 (Born: 19 November 1999)
Somehow I couldn't differentiate Sabia and Yui although actually if you've used to see them, you can easily find it --"
Hm..I don't see her often besides in this corner which I forgot the name --" the corner involves food and it's foreign food like western or eastern. Sabia is usually the one who visit a foreigner's house to experience the culture of a nation and taste the food. So, my impression of her is she's one of the members who can speak english quite well (as for her age) ^^

Okada Yui/岡田 結実 (Born: 15 April 2000)
Yui can be shy sometimes but she can be very active. Sometimes she speak nonsense think that makes everyone laugh.
I think she's a nice girl. Oh, she's quite good at dancing too. She's been in the show since 2010 along Akari, Masaki and Anna. And she still stay in the batch 2012.

Enmei Asami/延命 杏咲実 (Born: 15 November 2003)
The youngest among all yet she's the cutest. Despite of her cuteness, she's wise. Even wiser than the other member.lol.
The way she sees things and how she answers it. There are times when she makes me speechless. Well maybe because she's a little girl and she's innocent.lol.

Okay, I guess that's all the introduction of the batch 2011 ^^ Later I'll post the new members from batch 2012 ^^
Oh, if you also like Tensai Terebi-kun please tell me!lol. XDD