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 Ohisashiburi minna ^^
Finally, I have time to post something in this LJ. School has ended, I'm graduated, and now is going to university. I have 1-2 months of holiday before going to the university. I have no idea how it would be. I hope I could get friends who likes Jpop too especially Arashi and EXILE.hohoho. 
As you can see, my fandom now are Arashi and EXILE yaaay!!  XDD but it's quite hard finding EXILE's fans here. Mostly, they are JE's. But that's okay though. I still like JE. 
Well, talking about JE and Arashi, I've ordered "Beautiful World" album. I have to wait for it to arrive at home. I need to restrain myself from listening to the songs (except Mada Minu Sekai e and Tooku Made) XDD Can't wait to see the booklet also. Uwaahh...Sho-chan >.< Hope it will come soon. Oh, talking about Mada Minu Sekai e PV, I do really like Sho's hair when they're in the black and white set. Cho~ kakkoi ^^ I was shocked to see Sho's new haircut in VSA (I forgot when but I'm sure Arashi's fans know it). And thanks God, his hair is at least back to normal.
Ah, have you guys seen the new Android Au CM?? That's so epiiccc!! Sooo funny!! I can't stop laughing from watching it. Especially the one with Ohno and Matsujun talking about 3D things and then Ohno demonstrated it by dancing. His expression is just...epic XDD And the newest volume has Sakumiya scenes. Yatta!!! Finally... They're sooo cute. Nino always teases Sho. LOL at his expression when Nino asked Sho about a cafe nearby and then Sho ask whether he wants to go together or not but is refused by Nino. Poor Sho-chan. You can go with me instead *bricked by fans* Anyway, the CM is a MUST to watch! lol. 
Well then, I'll end my post here, eh, I forgot something!


Nino-chan and Usagi-chan XDD

I don't have a lot of wish for you. I just want you to eat a lot. You're getting thinier. Anyway, the most important is always keep your health. Good luck on your career, Nino the-always-17-years-old-boy ^0^ Go Sakumiya!! *are? kankei nai* XDD