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Some random things

Hello world!! Life's getting tough here. School's getting busier, and home is getting noisier. National exam is getting closer, that's why I have to stay away from Internet for awhile *sigh* That means no arashi, no jpop things and no fanfics to read for about 2 weeks DX It's sad, I know. But in order to graduate and get accepted in the university, I have to study hard. Okay, enough with that cuz I don't wanna feel down again.

Well, actually there are things that I want to write.
First, although it's late, my deep condolences for the tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan. I know they're in the process of healing although the radiation thing is a bit hard to handle. But one thing that I admire from Japanese people, they stay calm even though they're in a worse condition. They even help each other! Two thumbs from me :D

Next is about Arashi XD
Two or three days ago I watched HnA Mannequin 5 SP. I voted and chose no.5 though. I thought it would be Oh-chan's and definitely not Sho-chan's XDD but it ended up being Nino's. But congrats to him for being the winner! He's so smart by adding the members' element in his clothes. What makes me happier is the Sakumiya rabu2 XDD One of the commentators said that Nino's jacket wasn't needed so he had to take it off. But Nino said if he took it off then there wouldn't be "Sho-chan" in his clothes (since their jackets' pattern is the same). Anyway, poor Sho-chan, he lost T-T I wonder why he chose that clothes since he chose his coordination very well for the last M5 SP.

Ah, you know what, lately I've been addicted to EXILE XDD *sorry Arashi* It's all started when I saw Kouhaku though. Well actually, I knew them before, but I got addicted with them and their songs in this early year XDD I got addicted to Choo Choo Train at first, and then I Wish For You always stucked in my head. From that, I searched for their songs, pvs, perfs and even their variety shows. Actually I wanted to buy EXILE's new album "Negai no Tou", but I couldn't find it here. If I have to order it from CDJapan or YesAsia, too bad, I don't have a credit card *poor me T-T* well, I guess I have to download it then.lol.

Hm..I guess that's all my random yet unimportant things. I'm tired of studying and it makes me stressed. So in order to reduce that stress level, I make this random post XDD hope you doesn't mind. Anyway, have a nice day everybody!! ^0^