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Happy so so belated birthday~

Uwaah..I feel so bad about it. One month late T-T I'm such a bad fangirl. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHO-CHAN!! You're 29 years old already. Gosh~ I never thought that you're that old *bricked* XDD I wonder if the other members gave him presents. 
Hm..I have nothing to give, since I'm busy with school and real life *sigh* Well actually I've written a fanfic for Sho's b'day, but I have no confidence to put it here XD I guess picspam is okay rather than giving nothing.lol. So here it comes~

Sho's expressions ^^

Sho's win! XDD

 Pouting Sho is always cuutee >.<
And last but not least:

girly!nino and afraid!sho XDD 
Lol. Sorry for being so biased. Okay that's all for Sho's soooo belated b'day present ^^; gonna back to real life again~